The Yuko Shimizu Book

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Yuko Shimizu Book

All images below © Yuko Shimizu
(posted with permission)

Blow Up 3 by Yuko Shimizu (2010)
Blow Up 3 © Yuko Shimizu (2010) [book]

circular stylised pop-graphic illustration
DJ Slip Mat (A Nice Set) © Yuko Shimizu (2006) [book]

Yuko Shimizu - When I Opened My Eyes (2009)
When I Opened My Eyes © Yuko Shimizu (2009) [book]

Heinrich Popow by Yuko Shimizu (2008)
Heinrich Popow^ © Yuko Shimizu (2008) [book]

pop-art comic illustration
Fear © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

Yuko Shimizu - The Snow Machine (2002-2003)
The Snow Machine © Yuko Shimizu (2002/3) [book]

Now Hear This 2 by Yuko Shimizu (2007)
Now Hear This 2 © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

Isis the Cat by Yuko Shimizu (2007)
Isis the Cat © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

stylised typographic illustration)
The Unwritten 1 © Yuko Shimizu (2004) [book]

colour sketch of Neil Gaman
Neil Gaman^ © Yuko Shimizu (2007) [book]

These delightful pop-graphics -- if I may so dub them -- were scanned by me from New York freelance illustrator Yuko Shimizu's first monograph, published by Gestalten in Berlin in 2011 [Amazon].

Yuko was kind enough to pass on a copy of this (very) handsome book recently. It features a comprehensive overview of her comicesque and culture-melding graphics (she's originally from Japan), produced over the last decade or so. It is a beautiful product and highly recommended.

Previously: Yuko's Progression from two years ago shows the evolution from sketch to final illustration in Yuko's work. There's also links to interviews and the like.

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