Wednesday, April 4, 2012

I love

I love the dark more than I love the light, because every dark night has a dawn, and for me, from darkness to light leads to the end. So yes, I am fascinated by the darkness. Everything is dark must have a good side to it is too bright and everything has a dark side to it. It makes me think of all possibilities in a given scenario. It stimulates my imagination and quench my curiosity to look further.

In fact, it is "fear of the unknown," human nature and once again the man is curious. Have you ever wondered why all be shown in dark movies, people, strange noises, or to hunt dark rooms? Yes, it is the nature of humanity, we are afraid of the dark, we would still like to know what exactly kept in the dark. Darkness makes you walk in the world of fantasy world of myth and what is invisible beyond. The greatest discoveries have been out of the darkness.

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