Beautiful Bookbinding

Friday, February 26, 2010

Beautiful Bookbinding

PHJM Schrijen 'The Binder by H Haas' (Sheep + goat skin parchment) 1983

'The Binder' [H Haas]
Sheep and goat skin parchment
Bound by P Schrijen, 1983

Karl Ebert 'Das unheimliche Buch' (morocco leather) 1914

'Das Unheimliche Buch'
Morocco leather
Bound by Karl Ebert, 1914

Henri Creuzevault (beige calf and black morocco leather) 'Contes by Charles Perrault' 1950

'Contes de Perrault'
Beige calf and black morocco leather
Bound by Henri Creuzevault, 1950

Michel Marius 'Book of Ruth' (morocco leather) 1880

'Book of Ruth'
Morocco leather
Bound by Michel Marius, 1880

KT Miura 'The Song of Solomon' (morocco leather and silverfoil) 1987

'The Song of Solomon'
Silverfoil and morocco leather
Bound by KT Miura, 1987

Goat skin and red maple wood (anon.) 'Cowper's Poetical Works' 1874

'Cowper's Poetical Works'
Goat skin and red maple wood
Binder unknown, 1874

Jean Gunner 'Tulips and Tulipomania' (morocco leather) 1982 - USA

'Tulips and Tulipomania'
Morocco leather
Bound by Jean Gunner, 1982 (USA)

Silver on black leather (anon.) 'New Testament' 1710

'New Testament'
Silver metal on black leather
Binder unknown, 1710

Sharkskin + silver metalware (anon.) 'Bible' 1775

'The Bible'
Sharkskin and silver metal-ware
Binder unknown, 1775

Black morocco leather + plated enamel locks (anon.) 'Book of Hours of Catherine de Medici' 1565

'Book of Hours of Catherine de Medici'
Black morocco leather and plated enamel locks
Binder unknown, 1565

Calf leather + brass (Augustine + Heinrich mss) 1440-1460

'Augustine and Heinrich manuscript'
Calf leather and brass
Binder unknown, 1440-1460

Embroidered silk (anon.) 'Notebook' 1775 France

'Notebook' [of some sort]
Embroidered silk
Binder unknown, 1775 (France)

Christian Engelmann (painted parchment) 1715 Germany

'Religious Devotional' [of some sort]
Painted parchment
Bound by Christian Engelmann, 1715 Germany

The Memory of The Netherlands site has digitised a representative sampling of one thousand book bindings from the holdings of the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (Royal National Library of The Netherlands). The collection includes luxurious hand-made binding examples from over 800 years up to the 21st century. Except where stated, all book bindings above were produced in Holland.
Previously vaguely related: bookart. [via Het Archiefforum]

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