Weird Islands

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Weird Islands

Those are the distributors of water - Weird Islands

Big pelican, whose head was almost human - Weird Islands

The pigwing - Weird Islands

Cod - Weird Islands

Their red eyes shone like fire - Weird Islands

To throw stones at them - Weird Islands

The Carpenter - Weird Islands

His saw passed through the hoof without leaving a trace - Weird Islands

His first music lesson - Weird Islands

Peter - Weird Islands

Melinda stopped crying and laughed for joy - Weird Islands

Hoisting themselves on stilts - Weird Islands

Little horn of leaves which covered their faces - Weird Islands

A girl young and pretty - Weird Islands

The foremost chariot - Weird Islands

All that could be - Weird Islands

Lovely insects - Weird Islands

{click through for modest enlargements; the images were extracted from a pdf and most were background cleaned to one extent or another; mouseover for image titles}

Mad Art Nouveau fantasy illustrations by the Belgian artist, Jean de Bosschère, from his 1921 book, 'Weird Islands', available from the Internet Archive in various formats. (Thanks Jake!!)

Jean de Bosschère at Amazon

As a note (mostly) to myself: If you have an illustrated pdf and you want to take off jpeg images, you should test out the resolution quality by cranking up the display % above 100%. (I have seen some retain integrity/quality up to 300%) But if you do that, you are best off taking a screencap rather than using the page image capture system from the pdf program camera icon in the toolbar. You may think you are capturing an image at 150%, but the cam-icon extracted jpegs turn out to be 100%. Got it? [As a subsequent thought: this might only apply to the Foxit pdf program]

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