Icones Zootomicae

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Icones Zootomicae

Insecta - cockroach cross section

Coelenterata - jellyfish illustrations

Coelenterata b

Coelenterata a

Insecta a

Mollusca a - cephalopod

Mollusca f - cephalopod illustration

Mollusca g

Mollusca c

Mollusca e

Mollusca h


Vermes a

echinodermata a


echinodermata b

Echinodermata e

Echinodermata d

Some wonderful lithography work in these cropped (and slightly doctored) details from plates in the 1857 Julius Victor Carus book on invertebrate animals: 'Icones Zootomicae, die Wirbellosen Thiere', available as always in enormous page images from the excellent Universities of Strasbourg Digital Library collection.
"Julius Victor Carus (1823-1903) was a zoologist, editor, and historian of science. Educated in German universities and at Oxford, he served on the faculties of the latter, as well as the universities at Edinburgh and Leipzig. Carus is probably best remembered as editor of the Zoologischer Anzeiger, a position he held from its inception in 1878 until his death. He was also recognized for the translation into German of many of the classical works of Charles Darwin." [also & online works]

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