Monday, April 13, 2009


Ronald Searle - Winespeak cover

Winespeak - Coarse but generous - Ronald Searle
"Coarse but generous"

Winespeak - Full bodied, with great character - Ronald Searle
"Full bodied, with great character"

Winespeak - Full, fruity character - Ronald Searle
"Full, fruity character"

Winespeak - Lacks Subtlety - Ronald Searle
"Lacks Subtlety"

Winespeak - Pleasantly scented, very agreeable - Ronald Searle
"Pleasantly scented, very agreeable"

Winespeak - Should remain in cellar for two or three years - Ronald Searle
"Should remain in cellar for two or three years"

Winespeak - Unpretentious - copyright Ronald Searle

Ronald Searle - Winespeak

[All illustrations © Ronald Searle]

Scans of Searle's trademark scratchy caricatures, satirising the jargon of the would-be wine connoisseur. They first appeared in 1983 in 'The Illustrated Winespeak, Ronald Searle’s Wicked World of Winetasting'.

Homepage / biography.

Update: Audra, from the Vespiary, scanned and posted a wonderful selection of Searle illustrations from 'Slightly foxed but still desirable - Ronald Searle's Wicked World of Book Collecting' to Flickr.

Update 2: More Searle illustration goodness from JRSM at the Caustic Cover Critic.

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