Quill and Flourish

Friday, March 27, 2009

Quill and Flourish


Schreibmeisterbuch a

Schreibmeisterbuch b

Schreibmeisterbuch c

penmanship - animal calligraphy

Schreibmeisterbuch e

Schreibmeisterbuch g

Schreibmeisterbuch h

Schreibmeisterbuch i

Schreibmeisterbuch j

ink flourishes

ornate calligraphy

Schreibmeisterbuch n

decorative calligraphy

zoomorphic calligraphy

calligraphy animals

animal pen flourishes

anthropomorphic calligraphy

figurative calligraphy

'Schreibmeisterbuch für Herzog Wolfgang Wilhelm von Pfalz-Neuburg' [Cod. icon 466] by Baldericus van den Horick, 1600s is online at MDZ. (Duke of Pfalz-Neuburg's Master Scribe Book)

Pen and ink on paper with writing in Latin, Spanish, French, Dutch and Italian accompanied of course by figurative calligraphy. The catalogue page [trans.] doesn't give too much by way of background information.

About half or a little more of the manuscript images have been posted above. The majority of these have been lightly spot/stain cleaned.

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