Collectanea Botanica

Friday, February 13, 2009

Collectanea Botanica

Primula Sinensis

Theophrasta jussiaei

Ornithogalum fibriatum (detail)

Metrosideros vera

Vanda teretifolia

Gusmannia tricolor

Bromelia fastuosa

Astrapea wallichii

Oxanthus speciosus

Amaryllis solandraflora

Amaryllis vittata major

Pilea muscosa (detail)

Triumfetta rhomboidea

Papaver bracteatum

'Collectanea Botanica, or, Figures and Botanical Illustrations of Rare and Curious Exotic Plants Chiefly Cultivated in the Gardens of Great Britain' (a series of monographs by John Lindley issued between 1821 and 1826) is online at the Biodiversity Library.

The images were extracted from the pdf. Larger versions are viewable at the source site above.

John Lindley: digitised publications / Wikipedia / orchid site. [previously]

Update: commenter e-c links to his cache of scans from the 1905 book, 'Pictures from the Scandinavian Flora'. Worth seeing. And Part II, even better.

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