Perugia Scribe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Perugia Scribe

ornate typographic letter 'a'

ink sketch of bird behind letter 'a'

typeform: letter 'b'; ornately detailed, hand-drawn

ornate typography: hand-drawn letter 'd'

Letter 'E ornate flourish typography

hand-drawn ornate letterform : letter 'f'

Letter 'K' : 17th c. typographic illustration

ink sketch of letter 'L'

Letter 'Y' - inkwash drawing

Calligraphy Cartouche - Antonio Schiratti - 1600-1615

Decorative Calligraphy -  17th century Italy

Elaborate Italian ink Calligraphy

'Opera Dianto Nella Quale Vedrete Molte Caratteri di Lettere' (~ Work through which you will see many characters {examples, styles?} of letters), otherwise known as 'Plimpton MS 298' from Columbia University's Rare Book and Manuscript Library is available from the Digital Scriptorium (thumbnail page) [homepage].

This imaginative calligraphy copybook-come-illuminated manuscript practice manual was produced in the city of Perugia (in Umbria, Italy) between 1600 and 1615 by the scribe, Antonio Schiratti. That's about as much information as we are given and there's nothing else related online (that I can see).

In lieu of specific background material, I notice that Luc Devroye has updated (or at least redesigned) his page of calligraphy links, since I last visited, which could keep a person occupied for hours ages.

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