Monday, September 22, 2008


Nebalia bipes (m) detail a

Nebalia bipes (phyllocarida) detail

Nebalia bipes (m) detail

Limnadia lenticularis detail

Limnetis brachyura b detail

Polyartemia forcipata detail

Polyartemia forcipata a detail

Polyartemia forcipata detail 1

Branchinecta paludosa a detail

Branchinecta paludosa a detail 1

Branchinecta paludosa b detail

Lepidurus glacialis (plate)

Branchinecta paludosa (plate)

Lepidurus glacialis a

Limnetis brachyura

Limnadia lenticularis b

There can never to be too many aliens.

'Fauna Norvegiae' [1896] is online at the Universities of Strasbourg Digital Old Books site (click 'See digitalized document' then the folder icon top left for thumbnail pages. Illustrations are at the back of the book.)

The book's author and illustrator was Georg Ossian Sars, a zoologist and taxonomist from Norway. The book references phyllocarida and phyllopoda as subtitles, which are these days within the taxonomic Classes of Malacostraca and Branchiopoda, from the Subphylum Crustacea.

One of these days I'll get around to adding a 'micro' tag to the delicious links.

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