Mexico and Environs

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Mexico and Environs

Antigüedades mexicanas
Mexican antiquities, which exist in the National Museum of Mexico, 1857.

Catedral de Mexico
Cathedral of Mexico

Interior de la Catedral de México

Inside the Cathedral of Mexico
(in April 1855 during the celebration of the Immaculate Conception of Mary)

La Fuente del Santo del Agua
The Cascading Fountain

Plaza de Morelos
Morelos Square, formerly Guardiola Square

El Saghario de Mexico
Principal parish church

Casa Municipal

Municipal House or Deputation (?)

El Pueblo de Ixtacalco
The village of Ixtacalco

Plaza de armas de México
Public Square of Mexico

La Villa de Guadelupe
The town of Guadalupe, taken from a balloon

Trajes mexicanos b
Mexican costumes

Trajes mexicanos
Mexican costumes

Trajes mexicanos a
Mexican costumes

Frontispieces from the 1869 and 1855 editions

The album of chromolithographs, 'México y sus Alrededores' (Mexico and Environs), is online at NYPL. The principal lithographer/artist for the project was Casimiro Castro, one of Mexico's foremost landscape artists in the nineteenth century. The forty illustrations were originally published in 1855-1856 [available at Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes (click 'leer'), which includes the text]. The version at NYPL was published in 1869.

Speaking of NYPL, check out the newly designed Digital Gallery, announced as a 'soft launch' last week.

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