Japanese Flora

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Japanese Flora

japansese fruit tree

lotus blossom

purple flower

orange flower

These images come from ten albums of flora containing more than 700 images from the Museum at the University of Tokyo: honzo database (english home page). [via armchair aquarium annex].

I *still* don't have an asian language pack on this computer so I can't say anything more about these, although the year 1708 is mentioned - I've cleaned up the background in a few of the images but didn't adjust anything else. Click on the images above for greatly enlarged versions.

Later: Jenny kindly informs us: "It is herbalism or pharmaceutical sciences. In 1708 Ekiken Kaibara wrote the book of "Yamato Honzo"(Japanese herbalism).before that Japanese learn from China. Honzo-Zufu , picture book of herbs by Kanen Iwasaki".

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