Simon Haendel's Stammbuch

Monday, June 11, 2007

Simon Haendel's Stammbuch

horserider bending tree branch

man and woman tug-of-war

painted coat of arms

people stuffed into grinder

red painted coat of arms

another red painted coat of arms

group fencing training

lute serenading woman

painted checkered armorial

black and gold painted armorial

painted figure of libra/justice

painted armorial with border details

1591 coat of arms

painted parade

fencers practicing

coat of arms - painted

fortuna on a wave

man and 3 women

This book, owned by Simon Haendel, is at once both a stammbuch (friend's book) and a wappenbuch (armorial). The entries appear to have been compiled in the 1590s and the handwritten greetings that I read from a quick review (I've had these images for ages) are all in latin. The thing I remember that caught my eye was the vignette showing people being stuffed into what looks like a grinder. (4th from top) That is really weird. Unless it's meant to be a doll factory or??

The book is hosted by the Research Library in Olomouc, in the Moravian region of the Czech Republic. Hint: there are quite a few blank pages. Page across using the thumbnails rather than the links at the bottom of the page in order to see all the images (maybe I've posted half??).

Previously: Bavarian Wappenbuch; Stammbuch 1/2-way through post; from Holland: Liber Amicorum; Alba Amicorum. Also: Olomouc at wikipedia.

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