Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Proceedings of the Royal Society of New Zealand


To illustrate PARTIAL IMPACT, Article IV Volume 12, 1879

Rorqualas minor

Rorqualas minor Volume 2, 1869

Cnemiornis Calcitrans

Skeleton of Cnemiornis Calcitrans - Volume 6, 1883

Euphysetes Pottsli

Skeleton of Euphysetes Pottsli, Haast. 1 ninth nat size. - Volume 6, 1883

Mustelus Antarcticus

Mustelus Antarcticus Volume 15, 1882

Myosotidium Nobile

Myosotidium Nobile, Hook Volume 7, 1884

New Opistho-Branchiate Mollusca

New Opistho-Branchiate Mollusca. Volume 11, 1878


Aleurodidæ Volume 28, 1895

 Oreosoma atlanticum Cuvier

Oreosoma atlanticum Cuvier and l'Valenciennes. - Volume 44, 1911

Palinurus Tumidus

Palinurus Tumidus sp. nov Volume 12, 1879

Aegoeonichthys Appelii

Aegoeonichthys Appelii ClarkeEdgar R Wte del - Volume 44, 1911

Giant squid

To illustrate Paper by T. W. Kirk. Volume 20, 1887

Ardetta Maculata

Ardetta Maculata Volume 6, 1873

new zealand Rock Pictographs

Rock Pictographs. Opihi River & Howell's
Creek, Opihi River Volume 30, 1897

maori script and portraits

To illustrate Paper by E. Tregear. Volume 20, 1887

maori spirals

Maori Spirals (Tregear) Volume 32, 1899

Historic Maori Personages

Historic Maori Personages.—Downes. Volume 38, 1905

[click on images for much larger versions]
(some of the above images are from trimmed plates, are details
and/or have been cleaned up in the background a little)

The National Library of New Zealand joined forces with the New Zealand Royal Society to fully digitize the Proceedings and Transactions of the Royal Society of New Zealand 1868-1961 [click 'Picture Gallery']. This is an extensive collection with a zippy interface and both thumbnails and very large jpeg or pdf images.

via Tellurian. (Oh, and thanks TMN!). I still have something north of 500 unread items in the feedreader and continuing obligations elsewhere but I can nearly see some clear sailing ahead.

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