Gould Hummingbirds

Friday, March 9, 2007

Gould Hummingbirds

Chrysuronia eliciae - hummingbird illustration

Orthorhynchus cristatus - John Gould book illustration

Selasphorus floresii - Gould natural history

Loddigesia mirabilis - Gould's hummingbird illustration

Eulampis jugularis - hummingbirds

Lesbia eucharis - bird engravings

Circe doubledayi - John Gould book illustration

Lophornis verreauxi - Gould hummingbird illustration

Amazilia cyanura - coloured bird illustration

Metallura primolinus, Bonap. - hummingbird sketch

Chlorostilbon poortmanni - hummingbird drawing

Chlorostilbon poortmanni semi-closeup

Chlorostilbon poortmanni - closeup

All except the full page image above are made from spliced Zoomify screencaps (many!) so click for much larger versions. Mouseover for species names.

The Oxford Digital Library host 20 hummingbird plates from 'A monograph of the Trochilidae' by John Gould, published between 1861 and 1887. [previously]

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